Optimal mitochondrial function is the basis of healthy life.


Gel Packs

Improve Mitochondrial Function

Science, made simple.

MitobolicBlue offers a boost to mitochondrial function in simple to take forms, including Ready-to-Drink Elixers, Capsules, Drops, Nasal Sprays, Topicals and Gel Packs.

Mitochondria help your cells function properly.

When mitochondria are healthy they have the power they need to enable your cells to generate the energy they need to perform the normal functions of life. Healthy, energized mitochondria can produce an array of healing peptides and tend to have better resistance against a variety of health problems, including fatigue, muscle weakness, and chronic degenerative dis-eases in general.


MitoBolicBlue offers a variety of convenient dropper products including special formulas for healthy eyes! Supercharge absorption of other substances.


Improve mitochondrial function



Kills bacteria, virus, fungus, mold on contact with no harmful residues


Sodium Chlorite

1. Water Purification System

2.  Anti-septic properties in and outside of the body

3. Actively neutralizes pathogens without leaving harmful residues in the body

Acid Activator HCl

1. Water Purification Systems

2. Digestive Aid

3. Acts as catalyst to unlock other product benefits


High Performance Health Chlorine Dioxide Solutions and Refills

Universal Antidote


CDS3000ppm Concentrate


CDS3000ppm Large Concentrate



Mitochondrial boosts in a simple to take form.

Gel Packs

For deep healing and rejuvenation

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