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Mitochondrial boost in a simple to take form. Improving cell vitality, elevating exercise performance, and improving detox mechanisms.

Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cells in the body.  MitoBolicBlue helps mitochondria to move electrons so that they can generate the electrical gradient needed to create all the enzymes, proteins, and factors that the body needs to heal itself. Suitable for general use and can help improve cell energy, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mood.

Each capsule contains 100 drops of MitoBolic Blue. 14 capsule bottle contains approximately 1400 drops. 28 capsule bottle contains approximately 2800 drops. Refer to our Dosage and Protocols page to calculate your personalized recommended dosage.

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Specific Benefits: Mitobolic Blue has been shown to be particularly effective in managing conditions related to mitochondrial dysfunction, neurodegenerative diseases, parasite infections, and chronic fatigue syndrome, helping you by strengthening cell energetics to experience more vitality from the cellular level. It has also shown to be effective for individuals dealing with issues like traumatic brain injuries, urinary tract infections, memory, focus, and dementia.  Use can lead to experiencing anti-aging effects, improved cardiovascular function, increased endurance, and improved quality of sleep.

Usage Recommendation: SHORT TERM vs LONG TERM USE: Recommended for short-term use for enhanced athletic performance, improved focus and concentration. Long-term use is beneficial for chronic mitochondrial conditions requiring sustained oxidative stress management, anti-aging effects, and weight management. TEMPORARY vs PERMANENT USE: Use temporarily for acute symptom relief or immediate exercise recovery benefits and permanently as part of a larger regimen for managing chronic oxidative stress. For individuals with any upper respiratory symptoms such as those associated with common cold or flu, Chlorine Dioxide is recommended first.

Combined With Other Products: If you are suffering from low energy or looking to improve overall cell function, taking MitoBolic Blue followed by Chlorine Dioxide later in the day is beneficial.

Still Have Questions? To determine if chlorine dioxide could help you, Send a Message to Dr. Usera.

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