Universal Antidote (1 litre RTD)


Chlorine Dioxide Ready To Drink Solution

Ideal for overall wellness, detox, immune function and promoting oxidation where the body needs increased oxygenation for healing.

Each bottle contains approximately 33 servings. 


Specific Benefits: Helps in detoxification, supports immune function, and has many internal and topical uses from sanitization to neutralizing infections.  Often recommended for people who have a cold or flu type of illness, heavy metal toxicity, or are suffering from chronic infections like lyme disease and sinus infections. Has been shown to be effective in killing and neutralizing 210 different pathogenic species of bacteria, virus, fungus, and mold.

Usage Recommendation: Suitable for general use, but particularly effective for individuals looking to detoxify from exposure to spike proteins, heavy metals, or those dealing with infections where chlorine dioxide’s properties can be beneficial.

Combined With Other Products: This product works well with MitoBolic Blue for people who are suffering from infectious diseases or are looking to improve their overall cell level oxygenation.

Still Have Questions? To determine if chlorine dioxide could help you, Send a Message to Dr. Usera.


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